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or more importantly why do you care.. you can't change it.

Why shouldn't I care about something that has the potential1 to cause a lot of pain to a lot of people I love? (and any one else for that matter). Doesn't matter that I may not be able to do much to change it.

I don't have anyone in Syria or the armed forces, I can't join myself (age and health issues), and even if I went over there to fight "on the side of good" (don't know enough of the situation to be sure which side that is, btw) as defined by my government, I believe the very act of planning to head to Syria to "help those I am sure are in the right" is actually a criminal offense here now, under various anti-senseterrorism laws.

1This actually covers pretty much all politicians the world over, not just trump. Shrillarity could've been as big a threat, as could the people behind the scenes who don't get elected every few years. All it takes is someone to pick the wrong fight with another, and a dispute turns to war, or trade sanctions that cut trade ties with NZ, or...

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