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How do you sleep at night? By being male, white, straight, middle-aged with no major health problems, reasonably middle-class-ish or better off, and renting, in a fairly low-crime area of a reasonably large city far away from any coastlines.

Of course, if any of your family members are female you can worry at night about being denied reproductive healthcare. If any are not white (or not passing white) then worry about racist attacks. If any are GLBTQAI, worry about being denied a potty, or denied healthcare, or bigoted attacks. If any are elderly, or are young, worry about losing healthcare and benefits, including public schools. If any have pre-existing health conditions, worry about being told to FOAD, (or at least to D). If any are lower-middle class or working class, worry about losing employment and therefore benefits. If any are homeowners, worry about increasing mortgages and plummeting property values. If any live in high-crime areas, worry about policing being retracted. If any live in smaller cities, worry about services being pared to nothing. If any live near the coast, worry about global warming denialism feeding into weakened flood defences.

Of course, if you don't know anybody like that, go ahead. Don't worry. It's all so terribly boring.

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