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I admit to being old and slow. Old enough to remember editing programs on the fly by punching in binary code on indicator/switches on the front panel of something the size of a (large) refrigerator.

I appreciate that technology has changed. But, somethings should be fundamental. Like words should have meaning. Words like "Operating System."

Classically, an operating system comprises the basic functions for managing the hardware resources required to store and retrieve data, and allow software to execute the instructions of the CPU.

Explosive advances in hardware complexity and performance created a need for a hardware extraction layer. And things began to grow like Topsy, with applications being acquired and tacked on to "operating systems" like so many layers of barnacles. The resulting conglomeration requires constant patching and updates of Gbytes of code. The result is an internetworked global computing system--whose functional elements by the way include me and my computer, and billions of other users and devices. The configuration and functions at any level are unknown, and unknowable.

Back in the day, if someone had described this I would have argued that such a system design was inherently insecure and un-securable, and that any expectation to the contrary was insanity.

That's one thing that has not changed.

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