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Flight 666 lands safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

Hans 1 Silver badge

The flight 666 to HEL is a means of teaching the USians that superstition is a very USian kind of thing, like creationism, flat earth "theory" (not a "scientific theory", ok) etc ...

Where was the Natural History Museum (Creationist shrine) again, Kentucky ? I cannot remember ... over here in Europe, creationism is laughed out of the room.

PS: For the creationists on here, look up mDNA, there, undeniable scientific proof creationism is BS! That was if inbreeding and its effects was not already proof enough ... then again, you might be inbred yourself, keeping up the tradition .... in which case this post scriptum is useless! You know where the downvote button is, and I will know how many cretins are on here ....

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