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> I don't use PDFs for personal reasons (they are essentially a picture

Sorry, but this is wrong.

You might come across some poorly created PDFs that are indeed disorganised mess and no better than a picture. A reasonably structured PDF, however, allows not just extraction of all text (and the text makes sense) but can be imported into a vector graphics editor (again retaining the structure). If you edit PDFs in MS Paint you do not understand what PDF is -- it is *vector* graphics (plus some other bits).

That said, if you want to send me text just send me a plain text, not PDF. If you want to send me vector graphics send me a SVG, not PDF. And if you want to send me a MS DOC file just send me a plain text because most likely you are ‘typographically challenged’ and the formatting will only hurt my eyes. But if you want to send me final formatted work intended for printing, yes, send me a PDF, not a JPEG inserted to PowerPoint. It is vector graphics so as a bonus I can extract text and images and make adjustments -- if the PDF was not created by a moron.

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