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Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband

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I've mentioned it before but my parents are with Talk Talk through them having first signed up with Homechoice, which was in turn bought by Tiscali, which was bought by Talk Talk. They used to have a Homechoice email address (see below) but when TalkTalk stopped supporting that we moved them onto a one (post Hack).

However a long while ago I had the misfortune to have to contact Talk Talk customer technical support because the broadband was dead and I was getting complaints. I had already identified that the cable (they live somewhere rural with a telegraph pole supplying their landline/BB) from the pole to the house had suffered a direct hit from something (we thought a lorry) and was no longer connected to the house. I started the phone call informing the support bloke of this and asking for a BTOpenreach engineer to visit and fix it. When asked if there was an email address that they could be contacted on that didn't rely on their broadband being functional I said yes which is available on their smart phones.

Bloke: "No you mean don't you"

Me: "It's what I just said it was and I can spell it out phonetically if you need it."

Bloke: "You might want to switch to a Talk Talk email address you know"

Me: "Why?"

Bloke: "Well that domain's quite old you know"

Me:"So are my parents, and that's why we don't change things if at all possible. What does the age of the domain of the email address have to do with anything anyway?"

Bloke: "Well you might get switched off due to its age. We can't support everything indefinitely."

Me: "How long have you worked in this job"

Bloke: "A while"

Me: "Do you have any qualifications in anything IT related?"

Bloke: "I'm not sure I'm allowed to answer questions like that"

Me: "Okay, can Talk Talk not afford to keep the payments up on the domain? It's not really that expensive is it? My domain name is a .com and only costs ~£10 a year."

Bloke: "I can't comment on the company or finances"

Me: "Okay then, any news on when you can get BTOpenreach to send someone round to look at the external cable?"

Bloke: "We have yet to determine where the fault has occurred"

Me: "Well the first step I would have thought would be to reconnect the landline through which the broadband reaches them wouldn't you? Would you like a picture of the cable hanging down from a telegraph pole to confirm it?"

Bloke: "................We'll send details of the first appointment available in an email to that address"

Me: "Thank you, I have to go now my head hurts".

TalkTalk made no reference to the fact that they were stopping supporting email accounts using it just happened. I got a phonecall to say their email wasn't working properly and could I look into it which I did. The first thing I found was that the webmail didn't work you couldn't access it at all. Then after a few phonecalls to the Indian call centre where they denied that Talk Talk owned I sent them a screenshot of this page:

I was told no one knew this and they had no information on Home Choice at all.

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