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Not mis-sold, simply not supplied!

I live in a rural village in Suffiolk and I have waited over 12 months for fibre to be available on our cabinet. Another village 2 miles away is the home of our cabinet, and they have had fibre for over 12 months.

We ordered Infinity as soon as it was available, in late December. Router duly arrived, but still waiting for Infinity.

We now have a Case Manager, as do two other families in my street. One family managed to get Infinity, but with poor speeds, perhaps this is the person the article is about.

BT's excuse now is that the phone cables are so old, that hey need replacing. The earliest that we can now expect Infinity is early February. Would the cabling not have formed part of their initial 'Survey' in the first instance?

I don't hold out much hope for early Feb as looking at, there are no BT works planned in my area in the next 3 months.

OpenReach and BT really need to get their acts sorted out.

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