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Alan Gregory 1

It's a balls up

I'm currently with Virgin but due to various issues I'd rather be on a non virgin fibre deal.

Now I'm 1.1km from a fibre enabled exchange (admittedly as the crow flies), I'm 50m away from a fibre enabled cabinet, and live in a heavily populated suburb of Manchester.

So why can't I get non virgin fibre?

Apparently BT are 'Looking at solutions' and have been for over two years.

I approached the regulatory body who in a classic bit of Orwellian language basically said that they would roll out fibre once it had been determined that they could roll out fibre and that would happen when they rolled out the fibre.

Now I accept that I am in a better position than many but I still struggle to grasp why I can't get fibre from my local cabinet when all of the appropriate boxes appear to have been ticked or indeed who I can approach to get an answer in something approximating English.

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