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"I say this because look at what Southern Koria has achieved but using 100% fibre for many Decades !"

That's a common misconception. Korea Telecom are in the midst of a G.Fast rollout right now. Their average speed, according to Akamai is 26.7 Mbps. For sure, the fastest in the world, but not what you'd get from 100% FTTP. There's a lot of FTTB (basement) in cities, with apartment blocks having DSLAMs for in building distribution over cooper, but outside of cities it's DSL over copper that predominates. The same is true in Sweden, the second fastest country in the world.

What was the blatantly obvious use case for FTTP 42 years ago in 1974? Even the high bandwidth requirements of the day - TV broadcast, video conferencing and trunk backhaul - used FDM over coax. The first urban deployment trial in the world was in 77 and fibre only became cost comparable to copper in about 84, ignoring the cost of terminal equipment.

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