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Can't tell their arse from their armpit :(

Mirrors my own experience.... Infinity2 ordered in August, 'delivered' in early September. Line check reveals G-ADSL synch and unsurprisingly no change to speeds. Hours spent talking to BT and the story changes from "you have Infinity2 and thats how fast it will go" to "Infinity is not available at your address". Engineer attends at end of September and says "Your still connected to ADSL in the exchange", which I've been trying to explain to BT Technical and Call centre staff since the off. It takes another two months and many exasperated calls to finally get the Infinity connected. The final explanation is that there is a break down between Sales ordering system and Openreach's provisioning system, which blocked the upgrade order. End result decent 56/10Mbs, but BT Sales still say my line is not fast enough to order UHD services! Time to defect to the Evil Murdoch Empire....

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