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Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband

Ian Emery Silver badge

"My Monster in Law, the wicked witch that she is, couldn't afford her sky phone line rental so they cut her off. They did forget however to disable her ADSL circuit so she currently has free internet access."

I had this happen with BT, having cut my voice line off 10 days after sending the 1st bill* (I was on holiday for 12 days), I refused to pay the reconnection fee

The arguments went back and forth through the BT complaints system for 18 months before I finally had had enough and told them to fuck off.

All that time, the internet worked perfectly (and no data cap!!)

*Dated the day I left for Russia, 2nd dated the day after, and the disconnection notice dated 3 days after that (a Monday - they dont work Sat/Sun), with the phone line being disabled the following Monday.

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