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Up and coming legal mandates in the US

The bikini will be banned as vile sexual abuse of the female form, and is to be viewed as a predatory sexual instrument.

FBI: Excuse me <Cloud service provider><ISP><Computer repair operator>, can you find us people with bikini photos? We can offer financial incentives!

Lets take the "Abusive/Pedo/Rape/Murder/terrible thing" out of the equation and then re assess the circumstances somewhat. When you do that, the fact that MS is scanning their cloud data *at all*, most especially since it is the *default* storage point in their newest OS installations that set of actions becomes seriously questionable in and of itself.

That we have individuals who are claiming that (I use claim here as the cases are not concluded and not written in stone) they have suffered emotional and psychological damage as a result of having to review the material they found does not strike me as in any way unexpected.

That the claim is that MS failed to provide sufficient support for these individuals, well, its fairly clear that MS is not in this game to pay anyone one red cent that they don't have to so its rather likely that they didn't provide appropriate support. Appropriate support would be expensive. PTSD is a real thing. And some folks have higher tolerances on the Scoville scale than others, just as one example, so PTSD could be in a similar way variable in affect. Perhaps there should be *appropriate testing of the candidates* before they are so assigned, rather than trying to mop up after the job has repaved the worker's psyche?

I *DO* get the "They was huntin pedos!!" side of the equation. Social morality at *this* time frames paedophilia as a horrendous crime.

What other crimes will social morality dictate in the future?

At what point do we as a society decide that fear and terror has been dictated to us in order to keep us distracted from the fact that we are still to this day effectively slaves, permitted just sufficient freedom to distract us from our slavery? What do you do when the decision is made to enforce the donation of organs, when you no longer 'really need' them?

A private company, bulk storing user's data as part of the default installation is scanning that bulk data for evidence of crimes using barely trained operations staff who have no legal mandate and no legal training .

Jesus FUCK people. This is not slippery slope territory. This is half way down the cliff after stepping off territory.

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