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Anyone using BT infrastructure is prone to this.... SKY etc.....

I was with SKY Broadband, out in the sticks in Wiltshire a few years ago. When we moved there we checked and the estimated speed on ADSL was 5-6mbps, but we were eligible for Fibre, with an estimated speed of 20mbps.

It gets installed (two days after the agreed date), and we got a MAXIMUM of 3mbps. Most days we got less than 500k..... Upload speeds were pretty much non-existent. SKY refused to give us any discount at all, we were bound by contract, and I could not work from home with less-than-broadband speeds. Their "oh-well" attitude was what finally made us move home, as WFH is an important part of my job, Seriously crap, so it's not just BT (though they do use OpenReach infrastructure). Now with Virgin in a more urban environment and get 300mbps constantly. Two different technologies of course, but at least Cable providers pretty much nail the discrepancy between advertised speeds and REAL speeds.

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