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No the war stuff is real, and really heavily censored, even the non censored stuff can be a little disturbing. I saw film of a small kid of around 5 or 6 with his whole head from the neck up buried under a pile of rubble halfway up a house, while the rest of his lttle body was wriggling helpless I found that pretty fucked up for example. I think I found that more fucked up than some blood and guts tbh. Although have seen some awful photos as well from friends in the military, trust me they are really not nice, a tank for example running over a human body is not pretty thing.

Hell people in first aid training can find some of the example photos pretty harsh and awful.

You're not even going to see that stuff watching car crash videos on yourtube I think, for a start no one, especially ones with people buring to death (not even asking why you watched these) is going to get as nasty as it could, for a start doubt they could get the camera close enough to see how fucked up someone burning slowly to death in agony is really like.

But if you really think the stuff they are showing you on the news is uncensored and thats what a real mess looks like then you have been lucky. I have seen some bad accidents that were bad enough, fuck knows what the worst of a market looks like when you let off a car bomb, but you wont be seeing it on the news.

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