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"#2, what you describe is fiction, and subconsciously has a different effect due to you knowing it's not real. Viewing a picture/video/whatever and knowing it's 100% real and that the suffering isn't fiction definitely fucks with you."

So you saying all that shit with wars and so on shown to us on the nightly news is fake? Always knew western media was bull but didn't realise all those shelling of innocent people and so on was all fake.

There is a lot of real stuff people can witness. Not just on news media but places like youtube. Lots of people watched a black woman on facebook while her boyfriend was bleeding out in the car beside her after a cop shot him last year.

You are right in saying that some people can be traumatised by these things, but it is a lot rarer than you may think, and I doubt someone who truly was traumatised would want it dragged through the courts and the media, they'd want to bury it, not remember and retell it several times and have their neighbours wondering about them and if they'll be safe around their kids after having seen that.

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