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"We see violence and murder, extreme murder on a daily basis. (TV Film Books) Nobody has been traumatised. Looking at a picture of upsetting scenes may upset you or even turn your stomach but to induce trauma is not possible. I've been traumatised by a series of events and isolation. I could not function and talking about it was impossible. You just froze. I want to see a picture that causes that. It would be worth millions and better than any drug."

It is somewhat the same with me. I have witnessed and experienced some nasty stuff. Seeing it on TV and the like doesn't cause me any issues. For a while I had been watchign car crash videos on youtube, however a couple of them got a bit much, knowing it was probably real footage of real people being killed, so I stopped watching. That includes a video of someone probably dying in a car fire over a period of some minutes. I didn't watch the full thing. But I still drive daily without thinking about that and I still use the fireplace at home. I saw it, what I watched got to much, I stopped, it no longer bothers me.

Some people do suffer trauma from seeing things though, but I somehow doubt they'd be suing like this. If something was as traumatic as these people claim, they wouldn't want to be making it so public and dragging it through the courts like this. They'd want it forgotten, not having millions more people know about it and knowing how they used to live their lives and what they willingly used to view. Yes, they willingly viewed it. They say they didn't volunteer, but they went on and did it anyway. No one held a gun to their head, and if MS was selecting them for this stuff then MS believed they had the skills to do it, and I bet a hell of a lot of other companies would've given them a job as well where they didn't get asked to watch this stuff.

Maybe they were more willing than they want to let on, and are trying to cover? Dunno but in my own very personal and very deep experiences of trauma which have led to CPTSD and sometimes daily flashbacks that can stop me functioning for a time, this isn't how I would act. I want it dealt with quietly and privately as possible.

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