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Maybe it's just me, but these questions just keep coming back to me...

Why do I have to pay for a OS that I don't own and/ or doesn't do exactly what I want it to do?

Why should I get W10 and use it (as suggested here) in a blacked out VM set up, if I can also do this with W7, or even, God forbid, with the excellent XP copy I have in the cupboard here?

(I also have WfW on 5.25 here if you want, but won't hassle you with those...)

Now, I realise I probably will trigger educated remarks about "up-to-date" software, and "do the things you couldn't do before". But FFS, how many users do you know that use the full 100% of their machines/ OS/ software? And how much different is typing an email or letter in Office 97 compared to Word Online or Office 365? To use some marketing dribble you probably heard before: The only limitation to your achievements is your own imagination!

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