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What do they take us for?

Idiots who will trade our privacy and identity for a new shiny. More often than not, they're right.

who in their right in Marketing thought it would be OK to get someone to log into a MS portal/MS account to alter their Privacy Settings

Setting aside the concept of a marketing person in his or her right mind...M$ is just copying Google Dashboard. This is the same thing that the Goog does with Android and Chrome. There are some settings on the device, which I'm sure are scrupulously honored, but you have to log in to the mother ship to view or "manage" their stored history on you.

Speaking of which, I certainly hope no one is naive enough to think that data you delete via a web portal has, in fact, been deleted. They still have all of it, and can produce it on demand; "delete" in this context just means that they don't show it to you anymore.

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