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And has anyone requesting home support actually heard from a real engineer? Without paying loads of cashmoney up front?

My one and only consumer interaction with MS (the one-a-year freebie support) consisted of some purported "MVP" telling me the reason I had a niggly issue with Start Menu searches (in Win 7) was because of a virus. He didn't even attempt to ask me to rebuild the search cache, check the search location configuration, etc etc. No, it was a virus. Even when I told him I had done all the above steps, it was *still* a virus. My computers have not had a virus since circa 1990.

And no, he didn't want me to prove that wasn't the case by supplying a report from any AV he proposed. He "resolved" the case with the "solution provided". Even if it had been a virus, he actually hadn't provided a solution either. The thing that particularly grates my cheese is that there was no mechanism of providing feedback on the "support" I received from that moron.

My experience with Premier Support has been consistently great, so that was a rude shock.

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