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I'm a bit puzzled I moved over to Windows 10 from apple just as a change and because I found it far easier to get different pieces of hardware to work and communicate and also to interact with what I do at work. Apple always cost an arm and a leg and would only communicate with other Apple devices unlike windows which seem to work well and without needing a degree in computing infrastructure.

I have had several people come to me recently and said about this telemetry stuff and I would be better using Linux its 10 times better than Windows.

Now here is the puzzling bit they went on to explain how to set it up similar to what as been described here and other posts.

I ask the same question here as I asked them, if Linux is so good why would I still need to use Windows10 there answer was, its because some of the things I do on Windows10 would not work with Linux which was also one of the other reasons I moved over from Apple.

Don't get me wrong Windows 10 is not perfect and it did take a while to get used to but it does everything I want and its quick, as for telemetry I realised the first day I used a computer and had an email and signed up to a couple of things on the internet my privacy had gone. And I would challenge anyone even on this forum to say there privacy is intact.

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