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"Like Intel and AMD? If you avoid those, not sure what you're running x86 software on..."

While I'm not the person to whom that question was directed, I'll answer as if I was...

Yes, exactly like what's being offered by Intel and AMD.

What you can run your software on is older Intel and AMD hardware that isn't any longer being offered, but which will always be available anyway due to the massive numbers in which it was produced in its day.

It's not at all like it was in the 90s, when a CPU a few years out of production meant the system was just too old to run any modern software anymore. We're into the seventh generation of the i3/i5/i7 line from Intel, and I still don't have any compelling reason to consider upgrading from my second-generation i5. Even my Core 2 Duo laptop holds its own and runs Windows 7 quite well and does everything I ask of it; I have no plans to retire it any time soon either.

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