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Where is Chris Capossela?

Where is Chris Capolssela CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Microsoft. I think he'll be sweating again, given even more shit hitting the fan. He obviously didn't feel he fcuked up enough with the "Red X" Install Get Windows 10.

Windows 10 had just got to a point it was OK. Yes, the Privacy options were all over the place, but at least they were there, locally with a local account. We all know 'Delete' in the cloud, doesn't mean delete because of the all the regulatory shit in terms of retaining data /backups.

Assuming this is a genuine fcuk up, who in their right in Marketing thought it would be OK to get someone to log into a MS portal/MS account to alter their Privacy Settings, taking those options away from the local machine?

What do they take us for? This is even more data grabbing not less.

Trying to say otherwise, it just shows MS upto its old tricks. This is just more smoke screening by Microsoft/Terry Myerson. You just can't trust MS anymore (if you ever did).

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