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I have a Lenovo desktop and a Lenovo Thinkpad, one running Qubes and Ubuntu dual-boot, and the other running Qubes and Mint. None of the installations was problematic.

But I get that some kit doesn't play well with some Linux distros, just as some kit didn't accept the Win 10 update. YMMV.

The main thing, though -- using Linux doesn't have to be a big deal. Put something like Q4OS on a second-hand laptop. Should run as fast as Windows on more modern kit. Or use Porteus or Puppy on a thumb drive, that's even cheaper. Set your PC to boot from the thumb. Then just mess around -- it'll have Firefox and probably either Chromium or Chrome, so web surfing is a no-brainer.

I can drive a stick shift car or automatic, electric or gas, and have played with baby backhoes and tractors, and in a pinch there's my trusty bicycle. Flexibility is great, options are good.

But don't expect MS or Apple or Google to stop sucking your data. It's what corporations do now. There is too much power and profit in it for them to ever quit. Heck, even Canonical -- the poster child for unprofitable corporations -- dabbles with data slurping.

There was a post up-thread about wanting a Blue Pill: That's similar to Qubes. I haven't installed Windows in a VM in my Qubes installations because I have no need to run Windows at home, but there is a toolset for doing exactly that. Windows runs in a VM inside Qubes, with network access controlled by the Qubes firewall and networking VMs.

But Linux-angst isn't necessary, IMHO. My reccy is to just play with it, so if and when you want it you have basic familiarity.

Have a beer, AC.

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