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I signed up for Netflix over Christmas to watch films.

I have trawled through the list of available films.

There are ONLY half a dozen I will watch, two of which I have seen. I am still buying latest releases from Virgin :-( Oh, and FB Junior is working his way through The Clone Wars, saving about £60 on a box set.

So it's not all bad, but on an ongoing basis I can't see any more films I want to watch. I might watch Westworld, and I will return for GoT, but maybe I am not the target market for it. I don't like American drama that never ends, but merely gets cancelled. Please give me a proper story with a proper end. Like 24. I enjoyed that.

I have also just signed up to Amazon Prime, in order to watch the Grand Tour.

I have again trawled through the films on there. Nothing. TV series: Lucifer, Constantine and Ripper Street (which I expect will be on BBC at some point). The next day prime delivery is useful, but it appears to not be available for a huge part of the stuff available, rendering it frustrating. I've tried the "no rush" delivery a couple of times, but can't work out how to spend the credit on anything I actually want.

The delivery mechanism isn't great either. It took me an afternoon to figure out how to watch Amazon through any of the smart devices I could plug into the TV. The ones that didn't work: Samsung smart DVD; Virgin tivo box; Ubuntu laptop; Android phone chrome cast. I have had to plug in a Windows 7 laptop.

It's not that it confuses me, it just that the lack of elegance annoys me.

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