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This is LONG overdue...

Because I went to the BBC store to but the animated version of Power of the Daleks when it came out. First time I'd been there, so I had a poke around. Return of Doctor Mysterio was available from the BBC Store for like £2.99 or something, but it was on iPlayer for free (well, included in my license fee) for the next 30 days. Weird stuff.

So I looked at the rest of their catalogue. Huge amounts of cross over on there. Some stuff was commercialised, some not, iPlayer had some stuff available which hadn't been "broadcast" during the last 30 days but was just offered up due to related programming or current events. BBC Store has serials dating back to the 70s and earlier.

If it's all brought together, tied up with the license fee handling stuff, it could be a really great thing. As it is, it looks like a multitude of different project teams all working on their won way of doing things with the merest hint of a guiding hand on the tiller, most evident by corporate branding similarities but without a commonality of UI or technical design. Which is exactly what it is!

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