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New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

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Anonymous Coward

"Just don't use Windows 10 on-line."

~ Give us a break from this kind of preaching... Sure just dual boot Linux. Tell that to owners of Lenovo gear! Anyway, it isn't an answer... Why?

~ We all have WAGS / Friends / Colleagues that just aren't in a position to do the above or their kids won't listen or certain apps won't work etc.

~ The thing you're missing is, we shouldn't have to do this at all. Remember we're all paying for Windows 10 now, and this is our best option! C'mon!

~ Win10 slurping is a pretty persuasive argument for unbundling Windows from new PCs / Laptops. WTF are consumer agencies doing to help...???

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