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Carl D

Or... no snooping at all

To repeat what I've posted in another topic earlier (slightly modified):

The privacy (and forced update) problems are easily solved - install W10, make sure it is activated and has all the drivers installed... then disconnect it from the Internet (Network Adapter disabled in Control Panel) before it installs any other updates and install Linux Mint in a dual boot with all Internet activity restricted to Mint only. Just like I've done with Windows 7 on my other solid state drive.

I also ran O&O's ShutUp10 to disable all the annoying Windows 10 stuff - even if it can't access the Internet I'm sure it'll still keep bugging you about wanting to go online all the time.

The result? A nice, easy to manage Windows 10 installation which doesn't annoy you and can't phone home to MS.

I might do the same thing when the 'Creator's Update' is released in April.

Windows (any version) is just too much of a hassle to use online these days.

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