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Taking back some of what I said..

Few days back I was talking about how US courts should not award stupid amounts of money in some claims.

However, I think that for the people behind this sort of thing, there should be an example made such that those who have profitted from innocent people going to prison will truly and for the rest of their lives know what poverty is (preferably by collectively spending the same amount of time inside as their victims, so if 1,000 victims spent 3 days each inside then there's 3,000 days worth of jail time to be used equally by the highest and lowest people who knew this was going on and didn't speak out publicly or at least in court against it - so if there's 10 of them they have to do 300 days each).

If your actions put an innocent person in prison/jail through known faulty systems (different matter if say they were found holding the weapon at a murder scene) then you should a) do the same time as them, b) have to cover ALL of the costs incurred by them/their loved ones including travelling to court/to visit them inside, any medical or funeral costs (more than one person has had a fatal heart attack or stroke as a result of news of a loved one's arrest, especially on serious charges) and a whopping wrongful death case in case of such, and also pay for a lot of full-page newspaper ads, at least 3x the coverage on TV saying the person is absolutely innocent, and a massive online campaign to remove any mention of their guilt and clearly show their innocence. If you're bankrupted through this, good. Don't put innocent people in jail and if there's a risk something is producing even 0.1% false positives then stop using it.


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