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Please, Nokia or whoever you are - THINK DIFFERENT! This is just another featureless pile of bland steaming android dogturd. If you want to relaunch the Nokia brand do something different.

Good solid build quailty. Removable/replaceable battery - maybe even different battery options - a slimeline one, and a chunky longlife one like you used to do! Not all of us are obessed by thinness. A proper OS designed and fit for purpose - not as somekind of eco-system lock-in or a spy in the works. Various camera options. Slide out proper querty keyboard. Useful apps built in.

A significant part of the world is starting to call out for something different and either Nokia or Blackberry need to take the plunge and provide it. Heck, Nokia, even get into bed with Blackberry and fertilise the best bits of both systems/technologies together to find that niche market and leave all the kids with their teenage toys behind......

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