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Texas is renowned for being humid.

Yep. Depending on the study you pick, Texas has a couple of major cities in the "10 most humid, large US cities" list, like Houston (#3) and Dallas (#9). Western, inland Texas dries out to its famous desert-like conditions, but the eastern and Gulf stretches get quite humid and stay that way year-round.

Surprisingly, notoriously damp cities like Seattle don't even show up on the list, they're all in the south with good access to water. Only San Diego tends to be cool:

10. Charlotte, NC

9. Dallas, TX

8. Los Angeles, CA

7. Raleigh, NC

6. Washington, DC (lived there, agree - it's a swamp)

5. Orlando, FL (ditto)

4. San Diego, CA

3. Houston, TX

2. Miami, FL

1. Tampa, FL (ditto)

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