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Actually, the Nokia WP phones were very good devices indeed from the 800/900 up to the 925. True, there wasn't an app for that, but then for the most part it the OS came with an embedded app (Office, SatNav, connected People Hub for FB/LinkedIn). The only other useful stuff was National Rail, and a few others - and they were present. Given I've never felt the need to play endless fruit or sweet themed versions of Connect 4, it was all good.

Because I liked WP, I happily got a 950 when the 925 came up for replacement. It's obvious Nokia had left the party by that stage - the camera autofocus hardly functions (they all do it apparently), It's cost engineered to a point where a mid 80s edition of Buckeroo would feel more solid. WP/Win10 is usual MS effort - better in places, but missing so much from it's predecessor (people hub is especially poor comparatively). Apps? Couldn't tell you, as it still has all the onboard stuff I need. It is so much less than the sum of its parts now though.

In short - Nokia WP Phones were really good, once you got over the misconception you need an app for literally everything in your life. Post Nokia WP (i.e. the 950/950XL). Just don't - MS took that bus and drove it off the cliff... on fire... Good job Elop.

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