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Rob Crawford

Re: @Cynic_999 - being seen from the air while naked

Have added the quote

"That said, drone enthusiasts can prevent a lot of irritation and upset if they respect other people's privacy. There is plenty of room to avoid problems, and even where it cannot be avoided a polite knock on the door and a quick, friendly chat goes a very long way to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasantness."

Actually 'drone pilots' shouldn't have to do that, for the simple reason that they should not be flying that close to people and structures. There are regulations that flyers are obliged to adhere to.

Although I do get irritated with the scare stories I have never had any compunction to tell people to stop flying somewhere inappropriate or in the past report them to the cops (flying model plains at the end of a commercial runway) or posting horrendously dangerous content to youtube (when the CAA used to want such material reported)

The majority of flyers are the same as they are responsible people who do not wish to lose their hobby due to the actions of a selfish few

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