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Only yesterday

I rented a van from Enterprise and on collection I was asked to give a second phone number of someone they could contact in case of an emergency.

I said no, on the basis that I am an orphan so they would need Derek Accorah to contact my parents and that as my partner wasnt present I didnt have her consent to give her number. They insisted on a second number and so they got the broadband line which has no handset attached to it.

I explained to them that asking people for other peoples numbers was a dubious practice given the use of it for telemarketing spam and then today I read this article.

The best part was apparently this 2nd number was "enforced on the system" which was bollocks as I had rented a car 2 weeks prior and also have an enterprise account neither of which has never asked for a second number.

Got to wonder if the staff in my local branch of Enterprise aren't doing a little light data skimming?

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