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Re: @Cynic_999 - being seen from the air while naked

@Cynic_999, You're correct that a large telezoom would be useless due to vibration as well as loss of light - only a small one would work.

People who are so body-shy that they would be hugely upset by the idea that they might be seen while undressed should not indulge in naked activities in any place that has line-of-sight to anywhere outside the property.

Ah, but that's the whole issue: drones do a Google Streetview alike peek over the line of sight prevention that people put in place to guard their privacy, that is the exact problem. If you were only able to fly a drone at eye height there wouldn't be an issue, but that would be a pointless exercise.

That said, drone enthusiasts can prevent a lot of irritation and upset if they respect other people's privacy. There is plenty of room to avoid problems, and even where it cannot be avoided a polite knock on the door and a quick, friendly chat goes a very long way to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasantness.

You know, being social and considerate and all that instead of being selfish - it works. Even if it doesn't work you will then at least know in advance to keep the car engine running :)

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