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And when the drone you shoot down goes through the windscreen of your neighbour's car, who gets the repair bill?

The drone owner, obviously, as he was warned not to operate the drone in the vicinity (I did mention warning signs). The liability could even be an extra incentive not do fly the damn thing there.

This would never have become a problem if people would actually have the decency to consult others before they start intruding in their lives, and the intelligence not to operate those things where they cause danger such as near raging fires that emergency servers are trying to put out or, the obvious one, near airports - I honestly have no problem with someone buzzing around my house if someone asks politely and gives me an idea what for ("casing the joint" may not receive a favourable response, though). But hey, the right to f*ck around with a toy by B Ark candidates evidently has to override any sense and sensitivity which makes me wonder if the gene pool maybe needs a more thorough solution..

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