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Seagate performs upgrade transplant surgery on LaCie external drives

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Struggling behind the tech.

"... a single Seagate 6TB 7,200rpm drive with transfer speeds of up to 220MB/sec though dual Thunderbolt 2 ports."

OK, so you're going to use 10v 5a to pull down <= 220MB? Doesn't even make sense from the start considering only USB 3.0 (5gbs) is needed. So requiring 2 ports of 3.0 or 3.1gen2 is just lazy...a complete fail for attempting any engineering.

Only need a motorcycle? Then drive a 4 door.

For clarity, USB 3.0 (5gbs) is really called USB 3.1 gen 1. USB 3.1 gen2 is (10gbs). It's all confusing since they started with "USB 3.0" terminology.

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