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And that ..

.. is why I refuse to leave such juicy details as a pre-registered credit card on such a service.

They can have my email address - I create an alias for every provider anyway so I can immediately see who has been selling my details, but I avoid creating an account to make it "easy", because their version of "easy" is more focused on marketeers and, as it turns out, any bored hacker who takes a punt so f*ck that. It's not like the benefits add up to much anyway, especially now the really greedy ones offer you the CHANCE to win a lottery ticket, so it's a chance to have a chance, a real hardcore incentive for people who are good at math and probability...

Does anyone know how far along Elon Musk is with the B Ark? I have some proposals for who to put on it, but this time we keep the telephone sanitisers :).

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