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Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way

Andy 73

Not much news..

..nothing much being said there. Drone that uses memory sticks will use memory sticks.

And out of the woodwork come the "oh no, drones!" crowd who seem to forget that everything from Country File through to the latest Tom Cruise film uses drones. The BBC has its own department developing in house technology, and police, fire and ambulance services use them for scene of accident, search and rescue and safety monitoring. Ignoring those, the wildlife photographers, travel writers, and people who just want a cool selfie have every right to take the benefit of new technology.

It's remarkable that a technology site famous for ridiculing the "think of the children" line still has readers who take the approach that any new technology that might be used by 'bad people' should be regulated, banned then regulated some more. I guess because they personally don't have one means they can't imagine why anyone else should? Good job we all have mobile phones, laptops and fnarking duct tape already, or we'd have to ban them too.

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