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Joe Public likes drones and regulations, finds 'public dialogue'


> I'm rather confused how my 130mm racer will carry any transceivers for identification, also wondering how my 150mm racer will manage to carry anything apart from the minimal configuration it already has.

Simple, you won't be allowed to use them anymore. Isn't regulation wonderful! </sarc>

While being a bit flippant (and I admit regulation helps in some areas) it is not uncommon for regulation to stamp out an innocent minority as "collateral damage" (as the powers that be like to call it).

For example, the government decided certain chemicals can be used in bomb making. making noxious gases, or are used in meth labs. Therefore they heavily restricted their usage/purchase ability. This negatively affects the "amateur chemist", who may just do it as a hobby and has no interest in breaking the law. With some loons willing to throw acid in other peoples faces, even basic acids are now being restricted.

That is why modern chemistry sets are so neutered compared to the ones of old. Pretty much killed the home chemistry set, and the hobby around it.

In these situations the government decides that the damage caused to a minority is worth the benefits of the regulation/restriction to "the public".

Whether that is true or whether it is a power grab is not relevant, it will be sold as "the public good trumps a minority".

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