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Apple has two demographics

> Frankly the direction apple are taking says a lot about their user base. I have a mate who is an apple fanboi. He doesn't think you should have more than one usb port....

The thing is, Apple has two demographics. One is the classic "sheeple": the ones that don't actually know jack about computers, with a subset being an almost cult-like following.

The second demographic are tech professionals that already have more than enough work to do and just don't have the patience to deal with having to baby their computers on top of everything else.

And this second group is MIGHTY pissed off with what Apple is doing because Apple is actively making our lives significantly and unnecessarily more difficult for no reasonable reason. I'm still using an 2011 MBP. I've been wanting to upgrade cause it's getting long in the tooth, but every successive machine Apple has released has been even more idiotic than the one previous.

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