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Same with me, and I am OK with the "Hail Britannia" too, but for the sake of "facts", there are perhaps a few things one could add. The majority of people who emigrated to America came from the rest of Europe and that does not include the first wave from Spain and Portugal.

And when you Americans think about the "The Declaration of Independence" you love, and seldom read, note, no Kings, Queens or Lords. The Declaration has its background in the very French/German "Age of Enlightenment" (an intellectual movement which dominated the world of ideas in Europe in the 18th century).

And in "The Law of Nations (French: Le droit des gens) a work of political philosophy by Emerich de Vattel".

The Scot, Adam Smith joined in as a key figure in the Scottish Enlightenment and in "Book V of The Wealth of Nations", Smith comments on the low quality of instruction and the meager intellectual activity at English universities.

I would add "Hail Europe" to your comment.

And if you like to feel England as your mother country then think about it like the son who travelled Europe, decided to lave England for the Americas and told his father to keep his old system as he wanted non of it.

Some links for those who find facts interesting.

And when you are at it, what have you done to the "separation of church and state" you will find non of that aim in the Inauguration of Trump.

You understand a lot more when you realize that the Brits read English history as the World history, it also partly explains the Brexit vote.

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