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Adam Jarvis

Re: 100% certain. What's not to like about the new Macbook Pro?

Let's be thankful for that.

That no technical journo at El Reg has the ability through lying gritted teeth to say how wonderful the new Macbook Pro 2016 zero travel, stubbed fingers, clattery clack Keyboard is.

How innovative that touchbar is for touch typists.

How fcuking wonderful it is to have the SSD soldered/intergrated to the motherboard and if thats not bad enough, at a crucial flex point in the motherboard design, right below an ideal place for a coffee spill, to run through the keyboard and destroy it. Destroying even the remotest hope that the £200-£500 Appe Store charge to connect to Apple's proprietary in-house 'rescue' connector might work. All designed to make Applecare a compulsory add-on.

Apple's 'Pro' £1750-£2500 Sealed up, 4 year shelf life devices - which have batteries glued in so well, Apple themselves will struggle to recycle the Aluminium machined bases.

Each design having minute changes to connectors/its framework, so that no part of the last 4 iterations, fits an older model. Not even one USB 3.0 type A port. Magsafe gone.

What's not to like? (without lying through gritted teeth). Thank God El Reg doesn't want or need an invite from Tim Cook. The quicker this current 'Pro' design dies the better.

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