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" Please DON'T UPVOTE THIS - it is not meant to be a cheesy up-vote-generator."

I always post as anonymous because that helps to avoid people's prejudgements based on your username. I want people to consider the merit, or otherwise, of that specific post - rather than being biased by one of mine they (dis)agreed with last week.

It often surprises me how a post is received - both in (un)popularity or silence. It's almost like chaos theory that depends on a starting set of conditions that have too many unknowns.

Obviously if you get in early you will tend to attract more reaction. Otherwise being the tail-ender starting a new thread when things have quietened down a bit gets it noticed.

Like the days of usenet - the trick is to see who is making a reasonable debating reply that recognises the grey areas and helps widen everyone's education.

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