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El Reg just saved your Wikipedia Xmas

Friendly Neighbourhood Coder Dan

If my "FREE" website contained nothing which is illegal or considered immoral by the vast majority of human population, I would personally ask for phone number of every person who complains about what I decide to publish in it. So I could personally reverse charge ( does that still exist? ) call them to inform them that they have my approval to incessantly fuck themselves until the 31st of December 2117.

You donated me money so that Wikipedia can continue to provide content and I spend that to fund a religious group / leader instead? I deceived you, I deserve it.

I reached my donation target but then I decide to keep a banner asking visitors if they would consider donating a bit more - but no worries if you don't, you can still use all the content of the website without limitations? Don't forget to include your international dialling code.

Have ( some ) people really got to the point of expecting to dictate what free stuff must look like? Or am I missing something?

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