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and he is planning to do.. nothing!

Not quite. Just the opposite. He did it significantly more subtly than he is given credit for.

On that one - it is the usual case - the retarded press monkeys are commenting on matters they have no clue on. Not a single news outlet bothered to check the background on the accompanying invitation for the children to the New Year Eve celebrations in the Kremlin. In ex-USSR it was (and I suspect it has remained in Russia) the ultimate carrot for a primary schoolchild. One in thousands (if not tens of thousands) only got a ticket. At best. The most as a comment we got here is some idiot (forgot in BBC or graunidad) considering this as a threat. Which it is not.

By the way any diplomats who ever had a posting to Moscow knows this one and understands the meaning of the gesture. So as far as setting up the contrast of looking like magnanimous royalty versus the vindictive daft Grindge - he has achieved his aim. 100%.

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