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thanks for your input, not too sure what you mean re approval of mutually-agreed standards (if it's about useless kettles/toasters/hoovers, then I don't)

I am not sure how to put links here to specific posts, some I have found:

Paper mountain, hidden Brexit: How'd you say immigration control would work?

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@Richard: Re: @Charlie @AC 20-23 pages for EU citizens


THE thrust, there weren't any other points at all?

Do you genuinely think that most folk who voted exit did it because of the fairly shite campaign of the out crowd?

Can you remind me of the POSITIVE elements of the remain pitch for why we shouldn't leave, because I sure as fk can't remember any....

Over to you boyo!


Doctor Syntax: Re: @Loyal Commenter: Parliamentary negligence


I haven't told you anything, what I sought to do was to share my (I thought reasonable) opinions about the shenanigans so far...

I doubt anyone who voted was 'sold a pup' by their fave group, i.e. in or out, I thought the BS quotient was quite high on both sides, of course the remain bunch had the in-built advantage of being able to guarantee the world would end if we didn't obey their sage thoughts, and for good measure they also thought it prudent to blackmail us in adavance lest we have our an opinion that differed from theirs!

Re Mr. Gove MP being on the sidelines, I agree with you completely, may I suggest you point out the PM's error next time you are sharing a glass at Chequers, undoubtedly she will amend her omission sharpish.




@Loyal Commenter: Re: Parliamentary negligence


Will you please calm down a bit, take a few long, slow breaths eh?

If I may correct some elements of your post and make a few pertinent observations:

- we don't know what is going to happen yet re 'our rights'

- you do realise that some of our brethren did work in Europe/marry foreigners/study in Europe before we joined the Common Market?

- err, we aren't having a recession, would you be happier if we did?

- the referendum may even have positive results, such as Heads of State pointing out that the EU fiddles with stuff that should not be its' concern (light bulbs, hoovers, now maybe kettles & toasters too),

- The commission may finally figure out that the Euro isn't working out for many countries (that don't speak German), so perhaps they should think about changing course (don't laugh, it'll happen at some point)

- the World Bank recently acknowledged that sacrificing Greece to save the Euro probably wasn't their finest hours (not a typo)

- Mr Gove can't really have much involvement with 'making it happen', due to being not quite as clever as he thought he was, plus he's no longer a Minister of State

- as to the 'if you voted Exit, you must be a thick, racist eejit', err f-off matey, you are painting with a very broad brush, ironically showing YOUR prejudices

- I have no doubt some folk assumed that an 'exit' would mean foreigners should offski sooner rather than later, I believe such views to be fundamentally wrong, childish, stupid, inconsiderate and very UN-BRITISH

Has it occured to you that many people who voted to leave the EU (not Europe) may have many reasons NOT related to EU citizens living here and immigration in general to vote as they did?

Ooi I can get by in French and German, my wife is pretty good at Italian and Spanish, we had our recent honeymoon in Paris, I love French wine & food, German beer & wine. We have three cars, two built in Germany, one in Austria (with German oily bits). We hope to retire somewhere in Italy or southern France.

Hopefully that gets the point across that we ARE NOT ANTI EUROPE.

Europe is great, the EU ISN'T!




Dr. Paul, Re: Parliamentary negligence

Dr. Paul,

I didn't miss that at all.

Also one has a pretty good knowledge of stats and associated mathematics, with a general leaning in the direction of risk and probability.

As to the voted for change being 'stupid' because it was a small margin, how so?

Would you maintain your position re the stupidity of the vote if it had been to remain, by the same margin?

It matters not if the margin was 5, 5k or 5m votes, it was a referendum, and folk voted as they pleased, that's how a democracy functions, for a given 'value' of democracy of course...

As I have stated hereabouts before, I voted for out, but would have been perfectly happy if it went the other way, life goes on, the planet still rotates, politcians do what they do best (preserve their benefits, build empires, pretent to listen to the plebs...)

The march for europe site isn't doing much from here at the moment, I'll check it out later.

I wonder (half in jest), if it should have named 'pray for europe'...

Thanks for your engagement here btw.



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