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To sum it all up

In 2016

We hated Windows 10 even more vocally, voted in two earth shattering polls. Well we voted with either [delete as appropriate] good , bad or F**k me results and finally mourned the untimely death amongst one of the good guys on the El Reg staff.

Now what can we look forward to in 2017?

The Cutting of the first sod in 'that wall'?

HS2 Abandonded

All Broadband Electrification projects stopped

Heathrow Runway 3 delayed to 2050

Inflation at 5%

Southern Guards still in dispute this time next year.

and not forgetting

Article 50 triggered and the EU getting really uppity with Teresa May and BoJo.

Merkel voted out of office and Le Pen winning in France.

Some good, some bad then. You choose which.

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