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Government calls for ideas on how to splash £400m on fibre

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"All in a day's work for a civil engineer. Who'll also know who keeps plans of what is buried where and how to read them. And can tell you in advance which permissions you'll need and how to get them. And at least a good approximation of how much it will cost. And how to set everything up so it will actally work."

The UK does have companies and people that claim to be able to do that kind of stuff. Some of them actually can and have done that kind of stuff. But the ones that can do that kind of stuff have often been subcontractors to BT (Openreach), and the ones that have tried competing with BT (Openreach) know that it frequently becomes a pointless exercise, for reasons of political clout rather than reasons of technical and/or commercial competence.

Hence in 2013 Fujitsu (and everyone else before them) stopped trying to compete with BT in the BDUK rollout:

(in particular, the comments, in particular, the last one)

And some have promised to be able to do this kind of thing (competing against BT) and failed to deliver. E.g. Have a look at the works of H2O Networks, and their various alter egos (FibreCity, and CityFibre, and...). In particular their abandoned rollouts in the UK (Bournemouth, Dundee, maybe more) and in Australia's NBN.

Happy new superfast year.

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