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The US public should be thankful that they exposed Clinton for what she is, a lying, cheating SOB. Doing the job the main stream press should have been doing all along, you know, investigative journalism, exposing corruption to the public.

Normally it's all about balance, but 2016 was the first year in my memory where bullshit became more important than the facts and blame decided politics more than benefit. In the UK that was demonstrated by Brexit being somehow of benefit to the UK (with the main protagonists disappearing from teh scene as soon as it had happened), in the US by Trump winning on the premise that, as a billionaire, he is best placed to somehow give the very same level of people work that he had previously ripped off via his business activities.

Yes, 2017 will be interesting but for most people, however, it won't be much fun. Facts no longer matter - until you cannot provide for your family. At that point, even the most byzantine bullshit will not be able to hide the truth - but trust the media to keep massaging the statistics.

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