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Prez Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election meddling

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Cry me a river

They're really salty because their proxy war fell flat on its face, they got kicked out of the Whitehouse due to their utter contempt and HUBRIS. These are the things that happen when power mad nut-jobs lose all sense of reality and think they're doing good works.

The reality is simple, the world is far too complicated for morons to be in power, and it's about time we forged ourselves a technocracy. The long-term survival of our species demands it, and this is by no means hyperbole.

The really sad thing is 90% of the population can't differentiate blatant lies with facts.

"They point and click which wounds to lick" - should be a clue

The news is less about impartial facts and is more to do with "The Narrative™"

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